How to Cook Salmon Perfectly with 15 Delicious Recipe Ideas

Atlantic Tasmanian Salmon is one of the most versatile proteins you can enjoy for any occasion.

Tassal’s resident chef, Nik, will show you a bunch of delicious recipe ideas and different ways you can cook salmon, with step-by-step instructions that’ll have you cooking creative salmon dishes in no time!

1. How to Bake Salmon

Tassal How to bake salmon

Step 1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C (160°C fan forced).
Step 2. Place salmon on lined baking tray.
Step 3. Season salmon with salt pepper, oil and your favourite herbs.
Step 4. Place into oven and cook salmon for 20 mins, or to your liking.

Check out some delicious ways to serve baked salmon, for a quick and simple weeknight meal.

  • Fill with your favourite vegetables. Tray bakes are so easy and require minimal preparation! Try our salmon tray bake with herb salsa and vegetables here or our pesto salmon tray bake here.
  • Cover with crumbs. Baked salmon with a crunchy topping is the go! Try our salmon schnitzel here or our macadamia crusted salmon here.
  • Layer it on a salad. Lay your cooked salmon fillet on a bed of leafy green and fresh vegetables. Try our baked salmon on herby greens here.
  • Add to a grain bowl. Healthy, simple and family friendly. Try our honey & lime salmon with black rice salad here.

2. How to Pan Fry Salmon

Tassal how to panfry salmon

Step 1. Rub salt, pepper and oil onto salmon skin.
Step 2. Place fry pan over medium heat.
Step 3. Place salmon portions skin side down on frypan for 5 mins for delicious crispy skin.
Step 4. Turn salmon portions and cook for 5 mins, or to your liking.

Here are some tasty ways to serve pan fried salmon.

  • Crispy skin salmon. A trick to getting the most Omega-3 from your salmon – eat the skin! According to Tassal’s resident dietician Susie Burrell, you’ll find heaps of Omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon skin. Try our crispy salmon with cherry tomatoes and basil here.
  • 3 ingredient dinner. A quick and easy dinner served up in 3 ingredients. Try our salmon with mash potato and peas here.
  • Green Goddess sauce on everything. Try our salmon with a delicious vibrant green goddess sauce here.

3. How to Cook Diced Salmon

Tassal Diced Salmon

Step 1. Cut salmon portions into 4cm cubes or purchase Tassal diced salmon 300g from Woolworths.
Step 2. Place salmon in pre-heated pan for ½ tbs oil.
Step 3. Cook salmon for 7 minutes, turning regularly or until fully cooked.

Try some of our favourite diced salmon recipes.

  • Salmon Tacos. Tuesday night is always Taco night! Try our salmon tacos with tomato and black bean salsa here.
  • Salmon Skewers. The ideal summer BBQ dinner. Try our salmon skewers with vegetables here.
  • Salmon Stir Fry. Swap your usual protein for salmon. Try our salmon stir fry with udon noodles here.
  • Salmon Wraps. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Try our middle eastern salmon wraps here.
  • Salmon Dippers. Quick, easy and did we mention kid friendly? Try our panko crumbed salmon dippers here.

4. How to Cook Salmon Burgers

Tassal Salmon Burger

Step 1. Preheat pan to med-high heat, add ½ tbs of oil.
Step 2. Place burgers in pan, ensuring divider is removed.
Step 3. Reduce heat to medium and cook burgers for 10 minutes, turning occasionally or until fully cooked.

Our top 3 salmon burger recipes.

  • The classic. Cheese, tomato, lettuce, salmon patty. Try our recipe here.
  • The healthier option. Try our vegetable packed low carb salmon burger here.
  • A fancier alternative. Try our salmon burger with pickled onion in brioche bun with chips here.

This blog has been written by Tassal’s resident chef Nik.

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