Celebrate Seven Days of Salmon with a nutritional boost this Easter

After a couple of years dealing with a pandemic, much instability and change, holidays spent relaxing and celebrating with friends and family are incredibly special. Not only is coming together over a celebratory meal one of life’s most simple pleasures, but enjoying good quality food with friends and family is an activity that nourishes the body and the soul.

As the holidays draw near, Tassal has launched Seven Days of Salmon, a campaign designed to remind us of the nutritional powerhouse that is Tassal Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon and the importance of family mealtimes this Easter.

Family meals are important for a number of reasons – the simple coming together, at a table, without distraction on a regular basis has been shown to support both the cognitive and psychosocial functioning of children and teenagers. Family mealtimes in general are associated with a range of social, academic, health and nutritional benefits – it appears that there is something very simple, yet also quite complex about the act of a family enjoying meals together on at least four occasions each week, that impacts eating behaviour as well as relationships with others long term.

The other known benefit about enjoying meals together as a family, is that the nutritional quality of the meal is superior. Take a sit-down breakfast for example, a nutritionally rich breakfast of Tassal Tassie Smoked Salmon, poached eggs, smoked salmon and toast offers much more nutrition than a quick grab and go breakfast. In a similar way, evening meals served at a table are more likely to be nutritionally balanced options that offer lean proteins such as Tassal Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon along with salad and vegetables – all foods which offer the key proteins, vitamins and minerals that growing children need as opposed to quick on the go meal options such as plain pasta, pizza or processed, frozen foods.

Family celebratory meals in particular, enjoyed throughout the holiday period, in which different family members come together are of special significance. Not only can family food traditions be observed, but a range of special meals that are enjoyed as part of celebrations such as a seafood platter at Easter, or a pudding on Christmas Eve are an opportunity to try and share new foods as they are enjoyed by other family members. Here food represents the coming together of the group and a chance to try and enjoy delicious treats and indulgent meals in a relaxed environment.

Celebratory times are also a perfect opportunity to celebrate nutrient rich foods like Tassal Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon. Not only is salmon a known superfood thanks to its especially rich Omega-3 contents, but it is extremely versatile, and can be incorporated into a number of special family meals this Easter. Whether it is as part of a smoked salmon and egg brunch feast; roasted on the BBQ and enjoyed on Easter Friday or marinated and baked for a special Easter Sunday lunch, it means the entire family reaps the nutritional benefits salmon offers, as part of a delicious family friendly meal.

With few Aussies eating the recommended number of fish serves each week, and an abundance of Aussie seafood approaching at Easter, there is no better time to enjoy more salmon as part of the Easter celebrations. In the lead up to Easter, Tassal will be celebrating Seven Days of Salmon. This week-long campaign will be a celebration of all the things we love about Australia’s favourite fish including the health, taste & versatility of Tassal Tasmanian Salmon. It is a perfect time for the entire family to enjoy more nutrient rich Aussie seafood and we have plenty of delicious, healthy recipes made with Tassal Tasmanian Salmon for you to try and enjoy this holiday period – Happy Easter.

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This blog has been written by Susie Burrell.

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