How to get enough Omega-3 on a budget

Let’s be honest, for many of us we do need to be budget conscious when shopping and planning family friendly meals. With protein based foods including fresh oily fish like Tassal Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, lean red meat and chicken costing significantly more per kilo than sausages, mince and frozen fish, it can be difficult to justify feeding a family $20-30 worth of protein in a single meal.

The good news is that specifically in the case of Omega-3 rich Atlantic salmon, you do not need a lot to get a hearty dose of the extra special fat known to have numerous health benefits for both adults and children. Rather getting enough Omega-3 is about being smart with your weekly recipe choices and utilising a range of different varieties of Omega-3 rich Atlantic salmon.

Make your fresh salmon go the distance

When we think of salmon, we often think of serving a fillet per person, and hungry little ones can literally plough through a couple of fillets very quickly, making it a very expensive meal. Utilising Tassal Atlantic salmon fillets as part of a mixed meal, such as fried rice, pasta bake or pies means that you can get away with using just fillets as part of the whole recipe, making the protein for the meal cost just $10-11 per meal. Here you can also bulk up the meal with loads of extras veges and wholegrain carbs such as brown rice and high fibre pasta for a nutritionally balanced yet high Omega-3 dinner option.

Utilise tinned

Another piece of good news is that when you are looking for ways to increase your family’s intake of Omega-3’s, tinned varieties of salmon is still a rich source of Omega-3 fat. This means that you can use tinned Tassal Tasmanian Roasted salmon as a base to salmon rissoles, frittatas, pasta dishes and salads for a fraction of the price of fresh fillets, whilst still reaping the benefits of a serve of Omega-3’s.

Don’t forget it as a lunch food

While we often reach for processed meats like ham at lunchtime, especially for kids, you can easily opt for smoked salmon which is not only much higher in key nutrients including Omega-3 but it is an especially good filling for wraps, sushi or sandwich, which kids tend to love. All you need to do is wrap a thin slice of Tassal Smoked Atlantic salmon with avocado and sliced veggies and wrap in a thin wrap or wholemeal bread, with the crusts cut off. It is yummy, child friendly and adds another serve of Omega-3 fat into their weekly menu.


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