Switch it for salmon and boost your nutrition

Can you remember what you cooked for dinner last week? For those juggling the demands of work, family and of course the impacts of COVID, now more than ever the weekly meals can all blend into one. From a nutritional perspective, what is important to remember is that our nightly protein choice (for those who choose to include animal protein in their diet), does significantly impact our overall nutritional intake. And as such, ticking the boxes on some key foods will ensure that you and the family get the right mix of important nutrients including iron, zinc and omega 3 fat that is required for optimal health.

So if you are keen to optimise your family’s nutrient intake, here are some easy switches you can make to tick the box on health and nutrition.

1. Switch to iron rich choices
It may come as a surprise to hear that red meat eaters need a small portion (100-150g) of lean red meat in their diets 3-4 times each week to ensure they get adequate amounts of well absorbed iron. Iron is required to transport oxygen around the body, and low iron levels are particularly common amongst women in Australia. Here a simple swap from processed meats or white meats to lean red meat cuts such as extra lean mince, steak or lamb cutlets will instantly boost the iron content of your meals.

2. Switch it for salmon
While all fish is a protein and nutrient rich choice, it is primarily the oily fish including Tassal salmon, ocean trout and sardines that contain concentrated amounts of the very special omega 3 fats. In fact, a single 100g serve of salmon will give you your entire recommended daily intake of EPA and DHA, the long chain fats which have a powerful anti-inflammatory role in the body. This means that a simple switch from white fish or tinned tuna, for salmon will significantly boost your family’s overall intake of omega 3 fats. Think crumbed salmon fish fingers, salmon tacos or salmon pasta dishes as family friendly meals to switch more salmon into your family’s weekly meal repertoire. For some ideas on ways to incorporate family friendly, omega 3 rich recipes into your weekly menu check out Tassal’s collection of recipes here.

3. Switch it for shellfish
While we may not automatically consider shellfish such as prawns and muscles a weekly menu staple, especially for children, the nutrient density of shellfish can make it a great addition should you have access to shellfish, and if the family does enjoy it. Especially rich in iodine, zinc and protein, eating prawns, mussels and crab once or twice a fortnight will offer much nutritionally. Think prawn pasta or stir fry, tacos made with crab meat or an indulgent mussel or oyster meal should you like the flavour and the budget permits.

4. Switch it for more veggies
While protein rich foods offer a range of key nutrients, it is important that we do not forget how important it is for Aussies to eat more veggies, with only 1 in 10 Australians getting the daily 2-3 cups of veggies and salad they need for good health. Easy family friendly veg switches include zucchini pasta for regular pasta, cauliflower pizza bases or veggie chips made with zucchini, pumpkin and sweet potato.

Cook one of our favourite salmon recipes below.

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This blog has been written by Susie Burrell.