Salmon with Mustard and Dill sauce and Creamy Mash

  • 25 minsCooks in 25 mins
  • Easy Easy
  • Serves 4Serves 4


Step 1

Cut potatoes into even sized pieces and add to a saucepan of water. Bring to the boil and cook for approximately 15 minutes, or until tender. Drain well, return to the saucepan and mash. Add butter and milk, mixing until smooth. Season to taste.

Step 2

Meanwhile, brush each side of salmon with the olive oil. Add to a preheated frying pan over a medium heat. Cook for 14 minutes, turning occasionally, or until fully cooked.

Step 3

Add beans to a saucepan of boiling water and cook for 2 minutes, drain and set aside.

Step 4

To serve, divide mash between serving plates, top with salmon and drizzle each portion with the mustard & dill sauce. Accompany with the beans and some lemon wedges.


800g potatoes
50g butter
⅓ cup milk
Salt flakes & freshly ground black pepper
2 x 300g Tassal Tassie Fresh Salmon Fillets Mustard & Dill
2 tsp olive oil
200g green beans, ends trimmed and halved
Lemon wedges, for serving