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Tassal operates three main hatcheries that have the capacity to produce ten million smolt a year. These smolt come from broodstock from an industry selective breeding program; five million of these smolt are kept at the state-of-the-art Rookwood Road Hatchery, which is set to undergo an expansion due for completion in April 2016 where we will see the overall capacity of Rookwood one and two reach in upwards of 10-11 million smolt (Click here for details). After 8-12 months at Rookwood Road these smolt are transferred to sea.

Tassal has six marine regions, where the standard pen has a volume of 11,600 cubic meters and holds enough salmon to produce 120 tonnes once harvested. Salmon are kept in these large sea cages between 12-18 months and continue to grow until they are ready to be harvested at an average weight of 5.0kg live weight.

Tassal has three processing sites including a smokehouse that produces an average of 15.4kg finished product per minute or 3,048 tonnes every year.