Great Place. Great Salmon.


Ben is a Tassal salmon farmer out of Electrona, Tasmania. He looks after the health of the salmon and the condition of the nets. He takes pride in making sure that the salmon are grown in the best possible environment. He loves nothing better than being on the water.

His wife is a chef and he came to Tassal from the food industry. He loves to understand how product gets from source to plate. He says his kids can’t get enough Tasmanian salmon. Great place. Great salmon.


Born and raised in Mountain River, Tasmania, Geoff believes he lives in God’s own country. He grew up recreationally fishing with his dad and making the most of all that the Tasmania environment has to offer. Now he loves nothing better than taking his own kids fishing.

At Tassal he has worked his way up to being responsible for a team of roughly 60 people. Both his parents worked at Tassal and he is proud of the opportunities Tassal has given him. He believes that Tassal and the salmon industry will provide future opportunities for his children too. Great place. Great salmon.


Bernice and Tamika are a mother and daughter team. They work at the Huonville processing plant. Bernice loves Tasmania and all it has to offer. She appreciates how Tassal has given her family the opportunity to stay and work in the area they grew up in. Tamika believes it is important to be with her family in a growing industry that promises her a future.

She is about to get married and she is looking forward to sharing the day with her family and work mates. Her and Bernice see working at Tassal as being part of one big Tasmanian family. Great place. Great salmon.